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Porcelain Veneers

If your smile is misaligned, your teeth are dull and yellowed, or some of them have individual defects (cracks, irregular shape), you may be dissatisfied. Fortunately, there is a simple treatment to correct several imperfections at the same time: dental veneers. This treatment offered by your Ottawa general dentist from General Dentist Solutions can greatly improve the aesthetics of your teeth.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are thin shells that are placed on teeth to correct imperfections and improve the appearance of the smile. Unlike a crown, which is attached to the entire tooth in order to conceal its poor appearance, but also to solidify it, the veneer is applied to only the visible side of the teeth. Moreover, its purpose is purely aesthetic.

What defects
can they correct?

The great advantage of veneers is that they make it possible to standardize the appearance of the teeth. This is because they can hide, together or separately, various defects:

  • Irregular or too wide spacing between teeth;
  • Cracked or chipped teeth;
  • Twisted or deformed teeth;
  • Yellowing or discoloration that cannot be corrected by tooth whitening;
  • Irregularly shaped teeth;
  • Smaller than normal teeth.


What are the special features of porcelain veneers

There are two main types of veneers: composite veneers, also called chair-side veneers, because they are shaped directly onto the teeth, and porcelain veneers. Although they are more expensive, porcelain veneers are recommended. They better reproduce the natural luster and color of the teeth and are less prone to staining and discoloration.

How are porcelain veneers placed?

The porcelain veneer installation procedure takes two appointments. A few steps are necessary to obtain a natural and lasting result:

  • At the first appointment, your Ottawa dentist will prepare the treated teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel (about half a millimeter). This helps to achieve a natural, harmonious look.
  • Afterwards, the dentist takes impressions of the teeth that will be used to make porcelain shells by a qualified technician. Temporary veneers are then placed to protect the teeth between visits.
  • At a second appointment, the temporary shells are removed and the permanent veneers are adjusted and bonded with medical grade cement.

For quality porcelain veneers in Ottawa!

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, don't hesitate to talk to Dr. Koniouchine and his team. To proceed with veneers, you will have to make sure that your teeth are healthy, as they can only be placed on healthy teeth. If necessary, the identified problem will be treated first before the process of creating and installing high quality porcelain veneers begins!


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