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Periodontal surgeries are manipulations to treat the gums and other periodontal tissues


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Periodontal Surgery

The gum is part of the periodontium, which is the set of tissues responsible for supporting the teeth. This structure, especially the gums which are more exposed, is subject to diseases of varying severity (gingivitis and periodontitis). In severe cases, periodontal surgery may be required to stop the infection and preserve or rebuild the affected tissue. Your Ottawa dentist can perform these beneficial procedures.

What are periodontal surgeries for?

Periodontal surgeries are manipulations to treat the gums and other periodontal tissues. They are used to treat periodontal disease and to limit (or repair) the damage it has caused. They are used when the infection has worsened and the integrity of the periodontal tissues is compromised.

The main periodontal diseases

  • Gingivitis: this is a minor inflammation of the gums, at least in its early stages. It is caused by the action of bacteria that live in the mouth, particularly in the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Gingivitis can be seen in the mild redness and bleeding that occurs when brushing and flossing your teeth. Professional cleaning and a good hygiene routine are usually enough to stop it. However, if left untreated, it can get worse.
  • Periodontitis: this is a more severe disease that often results from untreated gingivitis. At this point, the bacteria have penetrated under the gums, forming periodontal pockets (tissue detachments). They can then attack the other components of the periodontium and even the alveolar bone. This infection causes frequent redness, swelling and bleeding as well as chronic bad breath and, in some cases, fever.


How can periodontitis be treated?

In many cases, it can be treated with root planing (closed curettage), a procedure that removes the plaque and tartar that has accumulated under the gums. The sources of bacteria and periodontal pockets are thus eliminated.

When the damage is deeper or when this first intervention was not enough, we must proceed with open curettage. This periodontal surgery also aims to remove periodontal pockets. During this procedure, soft tissue is cut away to allow better access to the space underneath, near the roots of the teeth. Your Ottawa dentist can remove the disease. In some cases, the damaged alveolar bone will need to be rebuilt.

For safe and effective periodontal surgery!

In cases of severe periodontal disease, we will be able to offer you high quality surgical care. Your dentist at General Dentist Solutions in Gloucester will first determine the level of infection. We will then plan the surgery(ies) needed to restore your gums and periodontium to health and good function. We'll be with you every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly!


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