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A sinus lift is a preparatory surgery that can be performed by your Ottawa dentist


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Sinus Lift

Among the options for dental replacement, implants stand out. However, the mouth is not always prepared to receive these metal screws. They need a certain amount of space to fuse with the bone, which is not the case if the bone has resorbed or the sinuses have expanded. This is not the case if the bone has resorbed or the sinuses have expanded. To address the latter situation, a sinus lift can be performed, a preparatory surgery offered at General Dentist Solutions in Ottawa.

What is a sinus lift?

This is a type of bone grafting that is performed in preparation for the placement of dental implants (titanium screws inserted into the bone) in the upper jaw. For such a procedure to be successful, the bone must have sufficient mass and volume. Otherwise, the metal rods will not fit in properly. The maxillary sinuses present an additional challenge.

Why do sinuses interfere with implant placement?

The maxillary sinuses are bony cavities that lie just above the upper jaw. They naturally contain tissue that tends to expand as the bone resorbs. Such losses of bone mass and volume occur when a tooth or teeth are missing or as a result of periodontal disease. The sinus tissue can therefore interfere with the implants that are to be placed.

What are the objectives of sinus lift?

  • Sinus clearance: excess sinus tissue is lifted so that it no longer presses on the bone in a way that could interfere with the success of a bone graft.

  • Restoring mass and volume to the upper jaw: once the excess tissue has been removed, a bone graft is performed. At the end of the healing process, the bone will have enough mass to screw in one or more implants.

How is a sinus lift performed?

  • Under local anesthesia, your Ottawa dentist makes an incision in the upper jaw where the premolars or molars would normally be;
  • It creates an opening in the jawbone to access the sinus tissue;
  • The dentist clears the space for the graft by gently lifting the tissue blocking the sinuses;
  • The graft is then placed on the bone. If an autograft is used, a piece of bone is first removed from the patient. A graft from an external source can also be used.
  • The dentist fixes the graft with a protective synthetic membrane and then closes the surgical site.
  • During the healing period, the graft fuses with the bone, which gradually thickens.

For quality sinus lift in Ottawa!

The General Dentist Solution team is able to perform all implant procedures. If your dentist deems that a sinus lift is necessary for the successful placement of one or more implants, we will perform it directly in the clinic. And this, at a lower cost than the specialists. Don't hesitate to take advantage of our exceptional services and support!


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