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Cosmetic care tailored to your needs

Our cosmetic dentistry services can help you get the smile you have always been dreaming of. Teeth whitening, veneers, crowns and bridges… We have a solution for you!


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Cosmetic Dentistry

At a general dentistry clinic like General Dentist Solutions in Gloucester, you can receive a variety of care for different aspects of your oral health. For example, your Ottawa dentist offers cosmetic dentistry services that can help you achieve a beautiful smile. Treatments are designed to correct a variety of visual and functional defects, either individually or in combination. In some cases, the improvements made even affect the health and capabilities of the teeth.

The aspects treated in cosmetic dentistry in Ottawa

  • Tooth color: it is possible to correct the color of yellowed or discolored teeth. Depending on the cause of the changes, teeth whitening or veneers can be used;
  • The individual appearance of teeth: some teeth may look different from their neighbors. They may appear larger or smaller, crooked, damaged, cracked or discolored. Depending on the case and the level of damage, they can be camouflaged with porcelain veneers or crowns;
  • Alignment and regularity of the smile: excessive spacing and individual imperfections affect the alignment of the teeth. Missing or damaged teeth also have a negative effect on the regularity of the smile. The use of veneers, crowns and bridges brings substantial improvements.

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    Why is it important
    to take care of the aesthetics of the teeth?

    The visual characteristics of the dentition play a more essential role than it seems. First, because they are often linked to the health and functionality of the teeth: certain conditions (deep infections, poor hygiene, enamel erosion, missing teeth, etc.) are visible and directly affect the appearance of the smile. Secondly, the aesthetics of the teeth have a direct impact on self-esteem and the quality of social relationships. People who are dissatisfied in this regard sometimes have difficulty smiling and projecting a confident image in public.


    Why use General Dentist Solutions' cosmetic dentistry services?

    If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, there is no reason to put up with it any longer. Our dentist and his team will be able to answer your questions and offer you the appropriate care. And this, at competitive costs that take nothing away from the quality of the results obtained! Don't hesitate to consult us to improve the aesthetics of your teeth.

    Teeth Whitening

    If you have yellowing teeth caused by a build-up of dark deposits, you can improve the colour of your teeth with teeth whitening. Your Ottawa dentist offers a safe and effective professional solution: at-home bleaching.

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    Porcelain Veneers

    These thin porcelain shells are applied to the visible surface of the teeth to mask certain defects (discoloration, irregular appearance, cracks, excessive spacing, etc.). This simple treatment can considerably improve the aesthetics and uniformity of the smile!

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    Dental Crowns and Bridges

    When a tooth is badly damaged or simply missing, the appearance, integrity and functionality of the entire dentition are affected. A crown or bridge can be used to alleviate this type of situation.

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