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Partial dentures: full service in Ottawa


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Partial Dentures

When the teeth are incomplete, their masticatory functions are compromised and their appearance is greatly altered. To alleviate this situation, it is possible to resort to a partial prosthesis. The purpose of a partial denture is to replace a series of adjacent teeth and thus improve the functions and aesthetics of the smile. This beneficial solution is offered at competitive prices at General Dentist Solutions, the reference in general care in Ottawa!

What is a partial denture?

Dentures are imitation teeth and gums, mostly made of acrylic resin. They are hand-coloured in shades similar to those of the natural structures of the mouth. Partial dentures are used to replace a section of missing adjacent teeth. Its particular composition, in two parts, allows it to stay in place:

  • The replacement teeth and gums: this is the main part of the partial denture. It is designed and manufactured in one piece from impressions and measurements of the mouth.
  • A metal framework: made of hypoallergenic metal, it surrounds the prosthesis. It is equipped with clasps that allow it to fit on the remaining natural teeth.

When is it used?

Partial dentures can be used to replace a variable number of teeth, ranging from a few to a large section of the dentition. If the section is near natural teeth, a removable prosthesis can be used. This prosthesis is then attached to these teeth. It is also possible to attach the prosthesis to implants. In this case, the prosthesis does not have a clasped framework, but rather a bar with anchors.

What are the necessary steps to obtain a partial denture?

  • An initial examination: Your Ottawa dentist will first assess your needs. At this time, measurements and impressions are taken to design the denture. The shades to be used are also chosen to match those of your natural gums and teeth.
  • Design and fabrication: This step is done in the laboratory by a denturist with whom we collaborate. This competent professional has the qualifications to design and manufacture by hand a prosthesis entirely adapted to your features.
  • Adjustment: once the prosthesis is finished, your dentist makes sure that it fits perfectly.
  • Touch-ups or repairs (if needed): if the denture breaks or becomes misaligned, the denturist can make the necessary corrections.


Partial dentures: full service in Ottawa!

To benefit from a denture (partial or complete), it is essential to call upon the services of a denturist, a technician specialized in their design and fabrication. The advice and guidance of a dentist are also necessary. That's the expertise we provide: your Ottawa dentist will guide you through the entire process, from initial assessment to final adjustments. If you are missing several teeth, don't hesitate to ask our team about your options!


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