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General practitioners like Dr. AnatolijKoniushin, your Ottawa dentist, are skilled at treating diseases and conditions that affect the mouth and teeth, as well as offering replacement solutions for missing teeth. These include dentures, which are perfect for restoring some or all of the functional qualitiesof toothless mouths. At General Dentist Solutions in Gloucester, we offer comprehensive services so you can enjoy the highest quality full or partial dentures!

What types of prostheses are available

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums made from acrylic resin. There are several types and models to meet different needs. Dentures fallintotwo main categories

  • Complete dentures: they replace the entire dentition of the mouth so that it can regain its appearance and function. In its traditional form, it does not have an anchor. It is placed on the gum where it is maintained thanks to a good adjustment. There are also complete prostheses on implants, which are fixed, permanently or not, to artificial dental roots (implants);
  • Partial dentures: These imitate a limited section of teeth and gums. The traditional model is surrounded by a hypoallergenic metal frame with clasps to hold it to the surrounding teeth. There are also partial dentures that are placed on some dental implants.

From consultation to adjustments under one roof!

We offer full denture services at our clinic. Our dentist is trained to evaluate your needs and suggest the right solution. He can also take the necessary measurements and impressions, place the implants if that is the desired option, and make the final adjustments upon receiving the final prosthesis. The final prosthesis is designed and fabricated by a highly skilled denturist based on technical information gathered by the dentist (measurements, impressions, shades to be used).

Why choose General Dentist Solutions' denture services?

If you are missing many teeth or are completely toothless, do not hesitate to consult us at our Ottawa dental clinic. Our dentist will be able to recommend a replacement option that suits your condition and means. Then, our team will guide you through the process, at the end of which you will enjoy the highest quality dentures!

Complete Dentures

A complete prosthesis, whether traditional or implant-supported, can replace the entire dentition and thus restore the aesthetic and visual qualities of a toothless mouth. This way, you will be able to resume your normal life habits, thanks to this solution from your Ottawa dentist!

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Partial Dentures

Multiple tooth loss comes with its own set of problems: chewing difficulties, unattractive smile, etc. To alleviate this situation and reduce the negative effects, it is possible to resort to a partial prosthesis, a limited series of artificial teeth and gums

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Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment or simply to ask about our quality services!


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