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Gum Graft

If you are suffering from gum recession (a shrinking of the gums at the level of the dental roots) or a loss of density of these tissues, it is important to address the problem. These conditions can have major aesthetic and functional consequences. In order to strengthen the gums and limit these adverse effects, a gum graft must be performed. Your dentist at General Dentist Solutions in Ottawa has a few options to meet your needs.

Gum graft: when is it necessary?

This procedure is necessary when the gums are receding (gingival recession) or losing density or volume. These situations are often the result of poorly treated periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis). The bacteria that cause these infections can irreversibly damage gum and bone tissue, thereby weakening the dental foundation.

What other factors contribute to gum recession?

  • Genetics (naturally thin gums);
  • Brushing your teeth too vigorously;
  • Wearing an oral piercing;
  • Bruxism (night-time teeth grinding);
  • Smoking;
  • Poor oral hygiene.


What are the objectives of gum grafting?

In concrete terms, gum grafting aims to cover exposed tooth roots or to strengthen weakened gums. The type of surgery, which generally uses a graft from the patient that is being treated, will be chosen according to the goal to be achieved.

However, all gum grafts have the same main objective: to restore the gum tissue to its full visual and functional capacity. They preserve the dental foundations and improve the regularity and aesthetics of the smile. They also have the effect of reducing the dental sensitivity associated with tooth loosening.

What autograft options are available from your Ottawa dentist?

  • Connective tissue grafting: The purpose of this procedure is to correct gum recession. To do this, a strip of skin and soft tissue is taken from the palate and placed over the bare tooth roots to cover them;
  • The free autogenous graft: this graft aims to restore volume to the gum in order to strengthen it and prevent it from shrinking further. A thin strip of keratinized tissue taken from the palate is used. It is fixed at the level of the dental arch (not over the exposed roots);
  • The pedicle graft: it consists of a transfer of gum tissue from healthy areas to those where there is loosening. A strip of gum is cut and then pulled towards the bare roots to cover them.

Are there any other options?

Your Ottawa general dentist also offers allogeneic grafting using an externally sourced graft. Tissue from an anonymous donor is processed to completely remove living cells such as hemoglobin. This prevents rejection, making it easier to integrate the graft into the natural gum. This option can be used to restore the length or thickness of malfunctioning tissue.

Quality gum grafts in complete safety

Dr. Koniouchine of General Dentist Solutions is able to perform several types of gum grafts in Ottawa. In order to determine the best solution for you, the dentist will first evaluate your condition before proceeding with the surgery. Performed under local anesthesia in one appointment (to be repeated depending on the number of areas to be treated), the procedure will help you regain strong and beautiful gums!


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