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Quality endodontic care in Ottawa

A root canal treatment might be necessary to a diseased tooth and to save it from extraction. For this intervention, you can trust your general dentist in Ottawa.


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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment: these words may sound like a long, painful and complicated dental procedure that should be left to a specialist. But that's not the case. Instead, it's a fairly routine procedure offered by the team at General Dentist Solutions, Ottawa's leading general dentistry practice. Whether it's a regular root canal or a retreatment, our dentist will be able to save a diseased tooth and allow it to perform its functions without risk.

What is endodontic treatment?

Root canal treatment is also called endodontic treatment, after the dental discipline that deals with the central part of the tooth. It concerns in particular the root canals, i.e. cavities going from the heart of the tooth to its roots. This is where the pulp, the living part of the tooth containing blood vessels and nerves, is located. These latter components are necessary for the development of the tooth, but do not perform essential functions once it is fully grown. The pulp is nevertheless vulnerable to bacteria that can affect it irreversibly. This causes pain, weakens the tooth and causes potential damage (root infection, abscess) to adjacent teeth and tissues. This is when a root canal treatment becomes necessary.

What are the different
types of root canal treatments

Root canal treatment always has the same objective, which is to clean up diseased root canals in order to stop the associated pain and allow the tooth to stay in place. However, a distinction can be made between regular root canal treatment, which is done in the presence of a serious pulp infection, and root canal retreatment. The latter is done when a first attempt has not been successful and re-infection has occurred. Both procedures include similar manipulations: assessment, drilling of the tooth, cleaning of the canal, filling of the canal and final restoration of the tooth. Both are offered by Dr. Koniouchine at his general dental clinic in Gloucester.


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    Why use General Dentist Solutions for your root canal?

    While it may be tempting to call in a specialist to perform such a technical procedure, it is not necessary. Your Ottawa dentist has ample knowledge and skillsto perform successful root canals. In addition, the fees charged are less than those of a specialist. There is no reason to hesitate to use our services!

    Regular Root Canal Treatment

    When the living center of a tooth (the pulp) is affected by bacterias, its viability is compromised. In order for it to remain in place and continue to perform its functions, a regular root canal treatment can be performed. This procedure helps to stop the initial infection.

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    Retreatment of the Root Canals

    Sometimes, despite a root canal treatment, the infection persists or returns. At this point, retreatment is necessary. This is often the only way to eliminate the remaining sources of bacteria and thus preserve the diseased tooth.

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