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For a regular root canal treatment in Ottawa, you can trust your general dentist Dr. Koniouchine


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Regular Root Canal Treatment

Toothache is often caused by a deep tooth infection. This infection causes intense and sustained pain and compromises the viability of the affected tooth. The disease also puts nearby structures at risk as it may spread. To stop the disease and allow the tooth to remain safely in place, your dentist at General Dentist Solution scan perform a regular root canal in Ottawa.

When should a regular root canal be performed?

Root canal therapy is a last resort procedure to save a tooth whose living center, called the pulp, is attacked by bacteria. It aims to clean up the diseased pulp and eliminate the pain caused by the infection. It also prevents the tooth from becoming more destabilized or the infection from continuing to progress and causing an abscess. This is usually the result of a deepening cavity. If not treated properly, the bacteria that caused it can penetrate to the center of the tooth and attack the blood vessels and nerves. This can also occur as a result of trauma or the breaking of a filling or crown.

How is a root canal performed?

The procedure, performed under anesthesia, takes an average of 60 to 90 minutes depending on the degree of complexity, but always follows the same steps:

  • Your Ottawa dentist will assess the extent and severity of the infection to determine the appropriate course of action. It protects the site from saliva and bacterial infiltration by placing a dam around the treated tooth.
  • The dentist drills the tooth and then cleans the canal with precision instruments and a cleaning solution.
  • In some cases, the pulp is completely removed from the canal before filling it with a rubber-like material. In the following hours or days, the dentist closes the tooth permanently with a filling (composite, amalgam or gold), a porcelain inlay or a crown.


Is root canal treatment risky?

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is not more painful than other dental procedures performed under local anesthesia. It also does not lead to major complications, although its complexity varies according to the severity of the infection and the physiognomy of the root canals treated. It should be noted that retreatment is sometimes necessary to ensure that the canal is completely cleaned or to control a residual infection.

Regular root canal treatment in Ottawa

For a root canal treatment, it is possible to use the services of a specialist in endodontics or to trust a general dentist like Dr. Koniouchine. The latter has a perfect command of the techniques necessary for this beneficial procedure. He is able to perform high quality root canal treatments at a low cost. This is a good option to save a tooth that would otherwise have to be removed and replaced.


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