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At General Dentist Solution in Ottawa, we are aware of the importance of web marketing to stand out in a world as competitive as that of dentistry. Therefore, we have decided to entrust this part of our activities to the experts at Virus Santé Communications. This way, we ensure the effectiveness of our web marketing while preserving our internal resources so they can focus on the day-to-day management and dental care offered.

The agency, which has been developing expertise in healthcare web marketing since 2013, offers services to a diverse clientele (dental clinics, veterinarians, private medical clinics, professional care, healthcare products, etc.). Over the course of its mandates, the team has acquired in-depth knowledge of the healthcare world and the issues that drive it. As a result, its members can propose communication plans adapted to the reality of each client. Depending on your needs and objectives, the professionals then create original content (website, social media posts, blog posts, etc.) that meets SEO criteria to ensure the best visibility for your company!

Thanks from General Dentist Solution

We love to collaborate with the Virus Santé Communication team. They are true professionals who know their field well. When we opened our clinic, they helped us create a strong image and a complete website that looks like us. At every stage, they listened to our needs and took into account our comments to ensure our complete satisfaction. We sincerely thank them for all the work they have done!

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