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A complete solution to tooth loss


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Complete Dentures

Dentures are designed to restore the qualities of a toothless mouth that can no longer perform its primary functions such as chewing and speaking. To address this situation and improve your affected quality of life, the team at General Dentist Solutions in Gloucester offers full denture design and fitting services. It's a simple way to regain your full oral functionality

What are full dentures used for?

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums made from acrylic resin. There are several types and models to meet different needs. Dentures fallin to two main categories

  • An aged and neglected facial appearance;
  • A sagging of the muscles of the face because of the lack of teeth to raise them;
  • Difficulty or even impossibility to chew food properly, which can lead to digestive problems;
  • Speech problems.

From consultation to adjustments under one roof!

We offer full denture services at our clinic. Our dentist is trained to evaluate your needs and suggest the right solution. He can also take the necessary measurements and impressions, place the implants if that is the desired option, and make the final adjustments upon receiving the final prosthesis. The final prosthesis is designed and fabricated by a highly skilled denturist based on technical information gathered by the dentist (measurements, impressions, shades to be used).

What causes tooth loss?

  • Age: Overtime, teeth and the tissues that hold them in place wear down and lose their strength and resilience. Signs of past diseases and bad habits also accumulate, contributing to their weakening;
  • Inappropriate treatment in the past: Many older people bear the scars of less appropriate dental care when they were younger. For example, extractions have long been used as a way to treat diseased teeth; Poorly treated oral diseases: If not properly treated, dental infections and periodontal diseases can deepen and spread, causing irreversible damage and even tooth loss;
  • Poor oral hygiene: A proper and consistent hygiene routine (brushing after meals and at bedtime and flossing daily) is the key to a healthy smile. Without it, bacteria can more easily proliferate and cause infections.


What are the types
of complete dentures?

There are two main categories of complete dentures: traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures. The former, which hold in place thanks to their adjustment, help the mouth to recover a good proportion of its functions. This is an accessible solution to problems related with missing teeth!


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We believe you shouldn't have to pay a small fortune for a smile you'll love.


Precision Complete Dentures

Upper AND Lower Denture (includes final impressions, Ivoclar materials and teeth)

$2800 to $3200  

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