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At General Dentist Solutions, we strive for excellence!

We always think in terms of results, so we offer the right care to meet your needs and your highest expectations!


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Your Ottawa dental clinic!

Do you live near the Gloucester area of Ottawa and are looking for a dentist to perform a root canal, a tooth extraction, a bone or gum graft, a tooth replacement (multiple or single) or some cosmetic treatment? You will certainly find it at General Dentist Solutions, the dental reference in Ottawa! Dr. Koniouchine and his team are able to perform a wide range of dental treatments. There is no need to visit a different specialist every time!

Affordable services of the
highest quality!

What sets us apart is our ability to offer top quality dental care at very competitive prices. Our general dentist has the skills required to perform a variety of complex procedures that are often left to specialists. In addition to our exceptional, results-oriented services, you will find that we provide a warm welcome and high-quality support. Each member of our team will make sure that the care given is comfortable and, above all, effective!

A passionate dentist at
the service of your oral health!

Meet Dr. Anatolij Koniouchine, a general dentist who is passionate about his dental practice. Dynamic and friendly, he will identify the solution to your problem and implement it with skill. To do so, he can count on a support team that shares the same attention to detail and work well done!


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Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment or simply to ask about our quality services!

    Complimentary consultation for dental implants

    Complimentary consultation for dental implants. During this initial evaluation, we will discuss the options available to you and the steps necessary for you to fully enjoy this exceptional dental replacement solution.

    Virtual tour of the clinic

    Take a tour of our newly renovated office near the Gloucester area of Ottawa. We offer all of our excellent dental services in this modern and friendly environment!


    We believe that the cost of dental care should not be a barrier to enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile. That's why we offer a range of specialized dental services at very competitive prices!

    Why choose us?

    • For the high quality of our services: at General Dentist Solutions, we strive for excellence! We always think in terms of results, so we offer the right care to meet your needs and your highest expectations!
    • For our low prices: we charge less than specialists, and this is thanks to Dr. Koniouchine, a general dentist with many complementary skills. He can therefore offer several quality services in the same place, at more than competitive prices.
    • For the variety of care offered: it is no longer necessary to visit a different specialist to treat each dental problem. We offer a wide range of services that allow us to take care of your mouth as a whole and treat all aspects (health, integrity, functionality and aesthetics).



    Check out our informative articles prepared by our dedicated team on oral health and the various dental treatments offered at our clinic.

    Implant candidate

    Are you considering getting dental implants to replace one or more of your missing teeth? If so, there are certain criteria that must be met in order for you to benefit from dental implants.

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    Gum recession

    Gum recession is a common problem among the population and can be caused by several factors. In all cases, the consequences are the same and can significantly affect oral and dental health.

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    Root canal treatment

    Root canal treatment is part of endodontics, a discipline of dentistry that focuses on the dental pulp, the central part of the teeth that contains the nerves and blood vessels.

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    Our Dental Services

    Dental surgery:

    A variety of surgical procedures to restore the health, function and aesthetics of the teeth.

    Learn more


    Take advantage of complete implant surgery services and the design and installation of superior quality implant restorations and dentures.

    Learn more

    Root canal treatment:

    Care to stop an infection and keep a deeply impacted tooth in place.

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    Cosmetic Dentistry:

    Get the aesthetic and functional smile of your dreams with precise and effective treatments.

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    Missing teeth, no matter how many, can be restored with these multiple tooth replacements.

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