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Quality implant supported dentures near you in Ottawa


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Implant Supported Dentures

A dental prosthesis compensates for the absence of a large number of teeth, or even the entire dentition. They can be removable or fixed on implants. The latter option combines the advantages of both types of replacement (dentures and implants). Your General Dentist Solutions dentist can help you restore the functional and visual qualities of your smile, whether you are missing large sections of your teeth, or all of them!

Can implants be used to replace a large number of teeth?

To replace a large number of teeth, a prosthesis is used that is attached to a variable number of implants (small titanium screws inserted into the jaws and acting like artificial tooth roots). To compensate for the absence of a limited number of teeth, a partial prosthesis is chosen, held in place by an average of four to six implants. A full denture replaces the entire dentition of a jaw using a similar number of implants.

What are the different types of prosthesis on implants?

Your Ottawa dentist offers three main types of implant-supported dentures:

  • All-on-four prosthesis: This prosthesis is fixed on four implants, all installed during the same surgery. It is a permanent model designed to replace the entire dentition of the upper or lower jaw.
  • Bar prosthesis: This removable prosthesis is fitted with a thin metal bar that follows the natural dental arch. Clips or other types of attachments are fixed to the bar, the denture or both. This is what holds the replacement teeth to the implants.
  • Locator Attachment Denture: Removable denture placed directly on the gums and supported by special implants inserted in the upper or lower jaw. It is held in place by Locator attachments, which ensure that the denture remains securely in place, but can be easily removed.


What are the advantages of
implant-supported dentures
compared to traditional ones? 

  • They fit better, which improves their comfort and aesthetics;
  • Chewing ability and speech quality are increased due to their great stability (no slamming or unexpected movements);
  • Dentures are easy to maintain, whether they are fixed or removable;
  • The presence of implants helps preserve the jawbone, which tends to lose volume when there are no tooth roots to stimulate it;
  • If the prosthesis breaks, it can simply be repaired or replaced without having to touch the implants.

Quality dentures on implants near you!

Dr. Koniouchine, your Ottawa general dentist, offers different types of implant-supported prostheses. He is therefore able to fully address your specific situation. He will first evaluate your needs and then proceed with the necessary surgical procedures (extractions, bone grafting, sinus lift, implantation, installation of abutments, etc.). He can also design the prosthesis, which will be made by a qualified denturist. Thus, everything will be done in the same place at a very advantageous price!


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We believe you shouldn't have to pay a small fortune for a smile you'll love.


Implant-Supported Dentures

Includes 2 to 6 dental implants and the final denture.

Starting at $8000 to $28000

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